Vacation, Run Forever, Spraynard, Candy Hearts, The Credentials and Sundials at Get Better Fest 1. This was in April of 2011. I found these on my computer while I was home over the weekend and thought they were kinda cool. 

This was the best weekend! There’s the back of my head enjoying spraynard!

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Nana Grizol




Cynicism isn’t wisdom, 

it’s a lazy way to say that you’ve been burned

Nana Grizol - Cynicism

It’s love (at Dirty Diaper Alley)

It’s love (at Dirty Diaper Alley)

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Big Eyes

Pretend To Care
Hard Life


Big Eyes | Pretend to Care

I don’t need your pity I don’t want your time I won’t waste another breath trying to ever make you mine you’ve got a lot of nerve acting as if you’ve been sweating and crying all this time has passed by, boy I see through your act you’re lying don’t you dare pretend to care its been eating at me for so long I’ll see through you and I’ll be strong

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