🔮🌟✨ (at La Mamma Pizza and More)

🔮🌟✨ (at La Mamma Pizza and More)

something ambiguous 

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Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind


There’s a demon in my head who starts to play

A nightmare tape loop of what went wrong yesterday

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jenny lewis 1984 corn pops commercial

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night terrors (go to sleep)

I had a dream that you showed up at a party that you were purposely not invited to- then you revealed that you were actually a demon possessed by the devil just like I’d thought all along. My mom tried to tell me that my dad wasn’t actually my dad and showed me a picture. I threatened her with a broken bottle and told her she was a fucking liar. Two of my favorite females were very drunk at my house while my parents were home- my parents were home- Both of them- there- like nothing had happened. I’d like to know what a dream book thought about that. The girls took off their clothes and got in the pool and I saw one bare ass before my mom pulled me aside to tell me to keep it down. It felt like finding you in the truck with a dull knife telling me how depressed you were on my birthday and god if only you knew where my head was at and I wasn’t pretending that I didn’t want to be 20. OK, so maybe they were nightmares. Man isn’t it hard when you can’t decide between which of the two of the sweetest and most gorgeous females you want to be with. I would know.. I hear your problems like they’re my own and still I have to pretend that I care because I do and not for you. It’d be so nice if I had the goddamn nerve to shut the world off and be the recluse that I’ve always dreamed of being. Can’t say I’d be there if you really needed someone either. 


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